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Support Us

Jefferson Farm & Gardens is a special project of the Jefferson Institute. This new educational facility is being developed in Columbia, Missouri to help children, families, homeowners, farmers, landowners, and other visitors throughout the region understand the important role agriculture and horticulture play in their daily lives.

Your support can make a real difference in bringing Jefferson Farm & Gardens to life. This beautiful new 67-acre educational facility will provide both information and inspiration on current food, farming and gardening topics and will be an enjoyable place for all ages to visit and learn. Visit the Jefferson Farm & Gardens website to learn more about how you can become a partner to help this facility “take root.”

Other Opportunities

Gifts can also be made to help sustain the Institute’s mission of supporting agriculture through crop diversification. Programs include a variety of education, research and market development efforts aimed at improving the long-term viability of family farms. A primary focus of the Institute staff has been working with farmers on diversification by providing assistance and information on how to grow and market a variety of grains, oilseeds and other specialty crops. Also, the Institute’s crop breeding program is working to develop improved varieties of crops such as sunflower, sesame and amaranth to increase each crop’s potential as a viable and profitable field crop.


For more information, contact:

Jerry Nelson

President and CEO
Thomas Jefferson Agricultural Institute
4800 East New Haven Road
Columbia, MO 65201
Phone: 573.882.2802