Cranberry Juice, Azo for Drug Test

Perhaps you are asking: will drinking cranberry juice help pass a drug test? Then, it would be in your best interest to read this article. This article will tell you everything you need to know about  3 possible methods for detoxing and passing lab tests (drug or urine). Requests  “24-hour cranberry juice cleanse”  and questions “how much cranberry juice to drink to pass drug test”  are very popular in search engines. Many people need that info. That is why we decided to shed some light on it.

Drug tests are becoming usual today as organizations and agencies require them for screenings and investigations. That said, taking drug tests can be the scariest thing for someone who lives with a drug use disorder or takes weed or alcohol recreationally.

If you need more information, please, see article about Detox for THC. And we will continue.

Furthermore, getting drugs out of your system cannot be easy. However, it is not impossible. With these methods — Cranberry juice, Azo cranberry pills, and Palo Azul — you need not fear taking and passing any urine or other forms of drug tests. Below, the 3 methods are discussed in detail. If this article will not be enough, please read another one useful.

Cranberry Juice


Can cranberry juice help you detox? Of course, it can because it contains antioxidants that can help your body detox in several ways. Thus, cranberry juice is seen as a food that helps accelerate the process of cleansing the body.

Will drinking cranberry juice help pass a drug test?


Perhaps you are asking: does cranberry juice clean your system from weed? Unfortunately, the answer is that there’s no scientific proof to back up flushing out drugs from your system. However, there is a chance for the occurrence of cranberry juice flush because it does interact with the urinary tract and bladder in the body system.


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Does cranberry juice help detox THC?

Yes, cranberry juice is also a recommended choice for THC detox.

How much cranberry juice to drink to pass the drug test?

Usually, taking about 2 litres or 1-2 glasses (daily) of cranberry juice and sufficient water should be enough. However, if all you have is hours for your test, you should take the 2 litres of cranberry juice at least 24 hours before the test day. People call this the 24-hour cranberry juice cleanse.

Furthermore, you will have to prepare yourself to urinate often because cranberry is a natural diuretic. Therefore, with continuous and moderate drinking of cranberry juice and sweating and peeing, your chances of passing a drug test increase over time.

Pros and cons of taking cranberry juice


Pros Cons
There are numerous health benefits to gain from eating cranberries. Cranberry juice may interact with certain medications e.g. aspirin.
It might help pass a urine test as it cleanses the body system and enables getting rid of excess toxins. It can be expensive and difficult to find in the local market. However, it is affordable if it is available.
It keeps the urinary tract healthy and clean. It’s not an instant detox drink and might not be a sure-shot way of passing a urine test.


Side effects of drinking cranberry juice


Do you need to be reminded that too much of anything is bad? Likewise, too much cranberry juice has side effects. These side effects are listed below.

  1. Increase in blood sugar level
  2. Stomach upset or diarrhea
  3. Interference with blood-thinning medications
  4. Increased levels of oxalate in urine

Wrap up: Cranberry juice


Cranberry juice is healthy and a good cleaning food that can help reduce the amount of drugs in your body over time. However, you must note that it would be in your best interest to abstain from cranberry juice if you have high blood sugar levels, you are taking blood-thinning medications, if you are likely to suffer from kidney stone formation, or if you have any cranberry allergies.

Azo cranberry pills


Like cranberry juice, Azo cranberry pills give you the same effects or benefits you get from taking cranberry juice. However, the only difference is that Azo cranberry pills are tablets. Therefore, it is a good alternative for people who dislike taking cranberry juice daily.

Can azo cranberry pills help pass a drug test?


One major thing that Azo cranberry pills do is to help flush out and detoxify people’s bodies of any signs of drugs. Therefore, using tablets can be effective, especially for marijuana tests, provided that the marijuana is of a small amount.

Furthermore, it works well because marijuana may only be detected within seven days of use within the urine. However, there’s still the risk of failing the test.

How many are Azo cranberry pills to take to pass the drug test? Two Azo tablets with a full glass of water daily are enough. Can you take four tablets at a go? Maybe. However, adopting that dosage can have harmful effects on your system. It is best to take two pills with a full glass of water, then another two with another full glass of water a few hours later.

Pros and cons of Azo cranberry pills


Pros Cons
It is affordable. It can turn your urine dark orange.
Won’t wholly beat a drug test. It contains salicylic acid, found in aspirin, an ingredient that helps mask drug use.
It treats UTIs and kidney stones. Azo pills may not work well if not taken with the right amount of water and electrolytes, e.g. baking soda.


Side effects of taking Azo cranberry pills


The side effects are similar to that of cranberry juice. The most important thing is to be sure that you aren’t allergic to cranberries or other ingredients contained by the drug.

Wrap up: Azo cranberry pills


Azo cranberry pills are good at helping to create false alarms during urine tests for drugs in some cases. However, it is not a guaranteed method. Therefore, it would be in your best interest to only adopt this method for random checkups when you know the number of drugs consumed was very low.


Palo Azul


Palo Azul tea is a herbal diuretic tea with numerous therapeutic benefits. It contains active ingredients like flavonoids, sterols, and phenolic compounds, which can have a range of effects on the body. Thus, being able to detoxify the body and flush out metabolites from recreational drugs such as cannabis.


Does Palo Azul work to pass a drug test?


One thing is sure: Palo Azul tea detoxifies the body. Thus, being able to help you produce negative lab tests by increasing the amount of urine and diluting the metabolites of drugs in the body. Eventually, this process will decrease the concentration of the metabolites in the body. However, it works for a short window of time.

How much Palo Azul tea to drink to pass the drug test? Between 2 to 3 pieces of Palo Azul bark will do. Then, fill your pot with half a gallon of water and let the pot boil with the bark inside for 90 minutes. After that, remove the bark and pour the tea into your cup.

You should drink the total amount of tea 18 – 24 hours before your urine drug test. In addition, do not drink more than this recommended amount since it can dilute your urine and raise red flags during your drug testing. Would you want to enter into more trouble while finding a solution?

Pros and cons of Palo Azul tea




  • It is affordable.
  • It is wholly natural, safe, and healthy and offers numerous health benefits.



  • Its use doesn’t guarantee passing a drug test.
  • Its potential impacts, especially on pregnant and nursing women, still require more in-depth study.

Side effects of Palo Azul tea


There are very few, or no know side effects associated with taking Palo Azul tea. Furthermore, there are no reported cases of oral toxicity. However, taking Palo Azul tea during pregnancy and lactation has not been studied; thus, it is not recommended for pregnant and nursing women.

Wrap up: Palo Azul tea


You can go on if you want to buy Palo Azul tea ahead of an upcoming urine test. The tea is sure to increase your urine rate, thus, reducing the number of drugs in your body over time. However, note that taking too much can dilute your urine and raise red flags when testing your drug.